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Health Sciences

College Day Event

June 6, 2014

A great morning was spent with the various Health Science departments of the Red River College, hearing what an amazing difference they are making to our community with their Innovative Research Projects.

The presentations included:

  • The College Wide Learning Outcomes evaluation tool that is being developed.
  • How Child and Youth Care pracitioners are helping youth’s voices to be heard.
  • How the Pharmaceutical manufacturing program’s purification of Canine Serum Albumin project provides students with essential workplace experience and assists the canine population.
  • How through the partnerships of Healthy Child Manitoba, and RRC’s Early Childhood Educations Dept, differences are being made with children and families here in Winnipeg through language development in early years.
  • An exploration of key ingredients essential for bridging education.
  • How opportunities are expanding for international students and Bridging Programs with Shanghai, China.

It is great to see so many showing their compassion through their research and findings!

Keep Up The Great Work!!