Presidential Search Committee Terms of Reference

August 14, 2019

The Red River College Presidential Search Committee is established to lead the Board of Governors’ efforts to select a new Red River College President and Chief Executive Officer to replace Paul Vogt whose term as president ended on August 8, 2019.

  1. The Search Committee will recommend one or more candidates for the position in priority order to the Board of Governors which will make the final selection.
  2. The Search Committee will recommend to the Board the terms and conditions of employment for the new President.
  3. The Search Committee will be comprised of up to nine members, as follows:
    • the Board Chair
    • the Board Vice-Chair
    • the Employee Board Member
    • the Student Board Member
    • four Board members at large
    • the Executive Administrator to the Board (non-voting / resource)
  4. The Board Chair will serve as Chair of the Search Committee and will be the Committee spokesperson.
  5. The Executive Administrator to the Board will manage the Search Committee’s processes and procedures, and will be the Committee’s liaison with executive search and other service providers, applicants, candidates, College employees and the public.
  6. The Search Committee will determine its own procedures and timelines for the search.
  7. The Search Committee will engage the Board in developing a position profile and throughout the search process.
  8. The Search Committee will conduct an active national search to attract highly qualified candidates.
  9. The Search Committee may engage the services of an executive search firm to assist with the recruitment process.
  10. The Search Committee will obtain direction from the Board regarding an approximate level of compensation to be associated with the position of College President for recruitment purposes.
  11. Each Search Committee member will be entitled to one vote; however in the event of a tie, the Chair will cast a second vote.
  12. The Search Committee will provide regular reports to the Board on the progress of the search.
  13. The Search Committee will provide periodic updates to the College community through the College website regarding the progress of the search.
  14. The Search Committee will be discharged upon appointment of a President.
  15. Search Committee members must disclose any conflict of interest to the Chair as soon as it is arises. A conflict of interest exists when a current or former relationship with a candidate or some other matter could potentially influence his/her judgement and/or could reasonably create a perception of bias. Throughout the search process all activities will be conducted in a manner that avoids real or perceived conflicts of interest.
  16. The Search Committee will aim to conduct a search process that is transparent, but with the understanding that the identities of those applying or nominated for the position will be kept strictly confidential. Throughout the process, and forever after, the Search Committee and its staff will commit to complete confidentiality with respect to: the names of candidates; the nature, content, and documents of the committee’s deliberations; and details pertaining to the selection.