Global Giving

By supporting international students, donors provide students with recognition for achievements resulting in above-average outcomes and the financial support required to achieve success throughout their educational journey in Canada.

International Student Awards and Scholarships

International Student Social Innovation and Community Development Scholarship

$1,000 Scholarship

International Student Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

$1,000 Award

Step Out of Your Box Award

Four awards of $500 each are presented annually to four projects submitted by students who spend time exploring a dimension of diversity different from their own and produce a leave-behind project that promotes the selected the dimension of diversity and/or benefits the volunteer organization.

Peace Award

Two $1,000 Peace Awards are presented annually to current students in full-time academic programs who entered Canada as refugees or refugee claimants.

This is an invitation for self-reflection, exploration and goal-setting that helps facilitate settlement and integration, and highlights the significant contributions students with refugee experiences bring to a multicultural community.

For more information on how to give to current international student awards or to learn how to establish new awards, contact Development Officer Elena Grinshteyn at

Student Refugee Program

World University Services of Canada’s (WUSC) Student Refugee Program (SRP) has enabled over 1,000 refugees to settle in Canada as Permanent Residents and pursue post-secondary education. Every year, over 55 refugees enter Canada as permanent residents through the SRP and immediately begin their fully-funded post-secondary education.

Join the International Education team and Local Committee in supporting the journey of SRP students from camp to our campus. Learn more ›

International Partnerships and Global Philanthropy

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