Gift-in-Kind Donation

Gifts-in-Kind to the College are critical in order to maintain quality programs and sustain infrastructure.

Additionally, Gifts-in-Kind support the College’s Mission. “Together, we learn, teach, challenge, innovate and find solutions to build a better future.”

The implementation of this online form ensures that process is expedited. The process also protects the best interests of the College and the donor.

We are grateful to those who choose to donate in this manner.

Prior to filling out this form please note:

  • Only Gifts-in-Kind that are considered useful to the College can be accepted as per CRA guidelines. This is as per the Gift Acceptance Policy C5.
  • Gifts-in-Kind must be approved by the appropriate Dean, Director or Chair (budget manager) and can only be accepted by the College after consultation with the Development Office and the Purchasing Department.
  • Regardless of whether the donor would like a receipt or not, it is important for us to inventory the gift for insurance purposes and to record the donation in our database.
  • Please contact the Development Office at 204-632-3031 should you have any issues with the form or have any questions about the acceptance of a gift.
  • Please note that the College reserves the right to decline a gift if it is not considered useful or required. This is determined by the appropriate Dean, Director, Chair (budget manager).
  • Gifts over one million dollars must be approved by College Senior Executive and by the RRC Board of Governors
NOTE: Once this form is submitted, the Purchasing Department, the Inventory Control Records Coordinator and the Development Office will work together to help facilitate receipt of the gift. No gift should be accepted to the College or sit on College grounds at any campus until these two offices have been involved.

Materials Management will:

  • Determine the value based on fair market value and/or an accredited appraisal
  • Work with the department to tag and receive the gift
  • Will create an asset inventory record and advise on invoicing, packing slips, border crossing etc.

The Development Office will:

  • Include the donor in the donor database
  • Provide a copy of the tax receipt to Materials Management and Finance for their records (if required)
  • Complete the appropriate recognition and stewardship
  • Ensure that the donor is invited to appropriate events and to ensure there is a proper history of gifts received.

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Donation Information

Please provide a specific budget code. As a financial need has been specified, the Development Office will proceed in speaking with Finance. Additional information about requirements and estimated costs may be required.
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