Support Innovation at the Prairie Research Kitchen

Paterson GlobalFoods Research Kitchen Rendering

Students make magic happen when they partner with culinary research projects.

Culinary Research and Innovation (CRI) at the College is growing (and developing delicious new products from locally-sourced ingredients!). Food culturing tools, charcuterie cabinets, and specialty product prototyping are just some examples of new equipment and space requirements for this expanding program – which is why the 11th floor of the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute will be transformed into a new state-of-the-art research kitchen. This space and equipment will primarily be used for research, and will be available to instructors and students to enhance education and professional development.

Plans have been drawn up to include a fully-equipped commercial kitchen, a second modular-style kitchen for project-specific equipment, an analytical lab, culturing lab, client discussion and focus group space, specialized food photography room and research collaboration space.