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MotiveLab Rendering

Student success is elevated when they can be a part of something big. With Winnipeg being one of the largest hubs in Canada for long-haul trucks and buses, it is no surprise Red River College’s highly-skilled students will be working shoulder-to-shoulder with researchers on testing and developing equipment that will be used across North America.

The first of its kind in Western Canada, MotiveLab is a 3,000 square foot room clad in steel thermal panels being constructed inside an addition to Heavy Equipment Technology Centre at RRC’s Notre Dame Campus.

The climatic chamber allows manufacturers to test the performance of alternative fuels, emission reductions, new materials and components under full loads (torque or power) of the vehicle being tested.

The chamber can reach temperature highs of +50 C or lows of –40 C, even when it is +30 C outside, within + or –3 C. It will feature a 1,000 horsepower engine dynamometer test cell and a drive-in chamber large enough for a bus or Class-A truck.

MotiveLab will increase the applied learning opportunities for students and trainees. Students are expected to be a part of all funded industry-research projects, and are expected to work alongside instructors, research professionals, research staff and industry partners.

The bus industry in Manitoba needs this facility. According to the Canadian Urban Transportation Association there are currently 12,200 transit buses in service in Canada. There is a major movement to ensure that new buses are increasingly green and that those in the fleet are reducing emissions. If 10% of Canada’s transit fleet were replaced by zero emission electric versions in 2025, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by nearly 200,000 tonnes annually. This is something RRC plans to help industry partners achieve.