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Donor Testimonial – Brian Scharfstein

July 9, 2018

Over the past 15 years, Red River College has transformed our Exchange District into a viable, vibrant campus-based community. From across the street I’ve seen first-hand the changes unfold. New restaurants and shops continue to open, more people are looking to downtown as a desirable place to live.

I feel passionate that ‘education is the solution to poverty and integration!’ and the product that RRC delivers to our community is the lifeblood of Manitoba’s future. Our graduates are a commodity that is recognized globally, and I firmly believe supporting RRC is supporting the success of our future generations.

Winnipeg’s downtown can be a thriving center for living and learning. The Exchange is a safe, healthy environment where both students and newcomers can collaborate in living, learning, and socializing. And RRC’s new Innovation Centre will be impetus to that collaboration. The centre will be a place for community members to congregate, to learn and be inspired, and to connect.

I will continue to support and promote the Exchange District Campus through it success, and I’m looking forward to welcoming staff and students – our new neighbours – into the community.

Brian Scharfstein
Campaign Chair, Red River College
President, Canadian Footwear

Donor Testimonial – Ronald Hambley

July 9, 2018

The Winnipeg Construction Association is pleased to offer our unconditional support for the Skilled Trades and Technology Centre. Red River College has always been the ‘go to’ facility in Manitoba offering highly respected technical and trades training. Today this facility is badly in need of an expansion and renovation.

Demand for skilled trades is high and is expected to remain high (but) our ability to move apprentices through school, given the severe lack of space, has the potential to jeopardize this opportunity. This bold and innovative project will provide the skilled trades program the space they need to grow and attract students by offering them the opportunity to learn in a state-of-the-art environment.

Ronald Hambley
President, Winnipeg Construction Association

Donor Testimonial – Kathy Looman

July 9, 2018

Red River’s commitment to the Skilled trades and more specifically advanced manufacturing is well known throughout North America. I will speak personally about the reasons why I am so impressed with the college; my thoughts also reflect that of my organization.

I spent the first twenty years of my career in the manufacturing industry and over the years I witnessed firsthand how the lack of a commitment to the Skilled Trades was severely impacting productivity in the United States and I know in Canada as well. About ten years ago I decided to alter my career path to focus on making a difference in this arena. In this role of a spokesperson for careers in MFG I have become well acquainted with manufacturing education programs around the world. I have seen what is effective and witnessed the impact of schools like Red River.

Some of the strengths I see and greatly appreciate are:

  • Relationship with Skills/Compétences Canada.
  • Staying current and incorporating new technologies in the curriculum.
  • The focus on learn by doing rather than theory based teaching.
  • The schools relationship with business and industry so what is taught in the classroom is aligned with the economic development needs of the region.

These key factors in creating a relevant program cannot be underestimated. At Haas Automation and the Gene Haas Foundation we are proud to be partnering with Red River on the new Innovation Center and look forward to working closely with Red River College for years to come.

Kathy Looman
Gene Haas Foundation