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Creative Communications Portfolio Submission

After submitting your application for the Creative Communications program, you will be provided with written instructions and a Dropbox link for the portfolio submission. Portfolio instructions are updated each January, and the portfolio submission deadline is 30 days from the time of your application. Late, incomplete, misdirected, or improperly packaged submissions will not be accepted, so it’s a good idea to pay close attention to detail in the instructions, and submit your work to the correct location well before the deadline.

Note: Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to return any part of your portfolio submission.

The portfolio submission is your opportunity to show us your interest and your aptitude in the means and areas of communication we explore in the Creative Communications program. The ideal submission presents good writing skills, insight, curiosity, effort, accuracy and professionalism.

Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio requirements are updated every year, current requirements are:

  1. Create a title page as page one of your submission document, indicating your full name, your RRC Polytech student number, and your mailing address.
  2. Following your title page, create an up-to-date, detailed résumé written specifically for entrance consideration for this program. (Note that the work experience and prior education outlined in your résumé will not influence whether you are accepted into the program or not. We will use it to get a sense of your background and ability to organize and format information in a document.)
  3. Following your résumé, write a readiness statement of approximately 750 words, neatly typed and double spaced, in a 10 – 12 point sans-serif font, with one-inch margins and each paragraph indented, describing why you feel Creative Communications is the right program for you, and specifically addressing all the points below:
    1. How did you learn about the Creative Communications program?
    2. Why do you see yourself as a good fit for a career in professional communications?
    3. How do you feel the major professional fields for which Creative Communications prepares students (Advertising & Marketing Communications, Journalism, Media Production and Public Relations & Communication Management) relate to one another? (Why do you think this program provides all its graduates with training in each of these fields?)
    4. Using examples from your research into these four major professional fields to illustrate why, explain which one you feel you might be most interested to work in. (You won’t be held to this!)
    5. Why do you think it’s important for professional communicators to be willing to sometimes witness and engage with uncomfortable situations and ideas?
    6. How prepared you are for an academic program that will expect you to invest significant time, effort, and curiosity in your learning?
  4. Check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  5. Name your electronic document file with your last name, first name and student number. For example: Mark Jones, student number 123456 would label their document file JonesMark123456 (please note in the file name, there are no spaces, and note where capital letters are used.)
  6. Do not submit separate files for the title page, résumé and statement – it must be a single PDF document.
  7. Document formatting guidelines: one-inch margins / 10 – 12 point sans serif font / double spaced / indent the first line of each paragraph.

Your résumé and readiness statement will be evaluated for content, organization, formatting and writing proficiency.

Plagiarism Statement: Do not use passages or ideas from others in any part of your portfolio submission without acknowledging your sources.

Plagiarism is unacceptable in professional communications and in the Creative Communications program. Self-plagiarism is also possible but not permitted; do not repurpose any prior work you have done in the past to fulfill this assignment. Submissions containing plagiarized content will not be evaluated.

Program Orientation / Information Session

All applicants receive an email notification from RRC Polytech within one month of their portfolio submission indicating whether you have been accepted into the program.

Successful applicants will be invited to participate in a two-hour information session in Winnipeg in late June. The session provides an opportunity for faculty to review the program calendar, guidelines, equipment, software and material requirements, recommendations to prepare to begin the program, and for applicants to ask any questions that they may have.

Applicants not offered a seat may reapply for a future intake by submitting a new application, application fee, and new portfolio based on the portfolio specifications for that application year.

RRC Polytech campuses are located on the lands of Anishinaabe, Ininiwak, Anishininew, Dakota, and Dené, and the National Homeland of the Red River Métis.

We recognize and honour Treaty 3 Territory Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, the source of Winnipeg’s clean drinking water. In addition, we acknowledge Treaty Territories which provide us with access to electricity we use in both our personal and professional lives.

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