** Learning Innovation

eTV provides numerous resources to assist with RRC strategic initiatives including communications, teaching, and learning activities. Supports for Flexible On-line Delivery include, desktop recording software, purpose-built production studios, mobile production services, virtual reality technologies, and the development of interactive teaching and learning materials. eTV is also in the process of developing and Immersion room for highly interactive simulation experiences.

360º Immersive Panoramas and Video


eTV utilizes 360º technology to develop immersive panoramas for teaching, learning, and exploring.

Example: Turbulent Sky

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are interactive technologies that compliment or transform reality. With AR and VR, educators are able to enhance in-class and on-line teaching and learning with immersive and interactive material.

Learn more about Virtual and Augmented Reality

Immersive Teaching


In the absence of hands-on learning, eTV is actively researching visualization strategies that are deliverable and accessible for online teaching and learning. One of the tools we leverage is BrioVR. It is a cloud-based, vr/ar and 3D visualization tool that allows for the creation, publishing, and sharing of custom-built learning experiences.

Example: 3D Water Pump