** Production

eTV produces a wide range of educational materials to enrich teaching and learning at RRC. eTV supports the development of and/or creates media that demonstrates complex processes, inspires learning, and connects the college and partners with engaging communications. Our emphasis is on the production of high-quality, media-rich materials that are used internally and around the world.



eTV offers a wide range of production support for teaching and learning. We can accommodate recording in classrooms, labs, workshops, etc.



Learning through stories that connect people (Indigenous studies and land-based education) can be experienced in an environment of rich and colorful illustrations, with immersive video and audio to motivate and inspire learners.



eTV facilitates internal communication with streaming services that allow staff in numerous locations to participate in activities on and off campus. Our mobile production capabilities allow us to stream events from anywhere at any time. Archived, on-demand access ensures convenient availability of all recorded events.