Mediasite Desktop Recorder Resources

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Mediasite Desktop Recorder is used to record, upload, and share video and desktop materials. The Desktop Recorder captures all types of desktop recordings, including PowerPoint presentations, screencasts that preserve annotation and screen movement, software demonstrations, etc. Content can be paired with webcam video or just a voiceover. Recordings can be published and shared via a direct link or embedded in LEARN.

Welcome to the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Overview Video

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Instructions for installing and using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder can be found here:

Mediasite Desktop Recorder eTV User’s Guide

Mediasite Desktop Recorder Courses

Recording Your Screen with Mediasite Desktop Recorder
In this in-depth course, you will learn how to set up and use Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) for the first time. If you complete and follow along with the full course you will have installed MDR and recorded several types of presentations.

Editing Your Video Presentation
In this course, you will learn how to modify and edit your Mediasite Video Presentation. This includes basic things such as updating the Title, Description and Presenter as well as more advanced topics such as cutting out unwanted portions of your Video Presentation as well as adjusting the graphics used within a Video Presentation.

Lecture and Demonstration Capture

eTV Studio A and Studio B are equipped to live stream and record presentations and demonstrations that cannot be easily captured from a computer web cam. These are generally demonstrations that are more complex to show and may require multi-angle viewing and close-ups to be comprehended by the viewer. This service is available on request and subject to space availability. Note, eTV also has limited capacity to record demonstrations and presentations on location if required. This service is only available on special request due to staffing and resources required.

Case Log

Any technical issues with Mediasite, including streaming, recording, and the Desktop Recorder, can be submitted in Case Log.