Learning Innovation

eTV researches, pilots, and implements emerging educational technologies that respond to the needs of millennial students. Immersive learning experiences, simulations, on-demand resources, and mobile access serve the needs of a dynamic student base.

In addition to our 360 video, panoramic, interactive initiatives (see side bar) and soon to come Immersion Room, eTV is working to develop and promote alternative delivery models that support Academic Continuity. In conjunction with CLPE Educational Developers, eTV implemented and supports the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) for recording, uploading, and sharing of desktop materials including PowerPoint and screencasts.

eTV/CLPE is also actively researching, piloting, and implementing Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools to enhance on-line education and alternative delivery. For more information on these tools please see the following:

AR and VR in Teaching and Learning

Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Teaching and Learning

Learning Innovation

Principles that Drive Innovation

Accessibility – online, anywhere, anytime resources
Participation – interactive multi-media learning tools
Empowerment – self-directed learning opportunities