Desktop Recording

For asymmetrical teaching associated with flexible online delivery, eTV manages and supports Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR). MDR is used to record, upload, and share video and desktop materials. The recorder captures all types of desktop media, including PowerPoint presentations, and screencasts. Recordings can be edited, published and shared via a direct link or embedded in LEARN.

For additional information please visit RRC’s Staff Forum

*NEW Mediasite Mosaic

Mediasite Mosaic is a new product that replaces Mediasite Desktop Recorder. Mediasite Mosaic creates an easier, smoother and updated process for how presentations are captured.

Mosaic can capture your computer screen, webcam, and microphone into a Mediasite presentation. Additionally, it can import and upload other existing videos stored on your computer to Mediasite and allow you to preview your captures before uploading, among other useful features. Mosaic is available for free inside the MyMediasite web portal.

For current users, Mediasite Desktop Recorder will continue to run until late fall of 2021. We encourage all users to download and implement Mosiac as soon as possible. Support for MDR will discontinue in December of 2021 . New users will be required to start using Mosiac immediately for desktop recording.

How to Install Mosaic on Windows
How to use Mosaic