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Early Childhood Development (ECD) – AKDN Contributions

June 12, 2017

Over the last several years eTV has helped to create a lot of outstanding media material for the Science of Early Childhood Development Resource. This piece (below), created by the Aga Khan Development Network, utilizes much of our footage from around the world. We in eTV/RRC have been very fortunate to be associated with this organization which works with governments and communities around the world to help children reach their full potential.

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eTV at LABCON 2016

June 21, 2016

eTV and Medical Laboratory Sciences were extremely proud to present the Microbiology Panorama to an audience of national delegates at LABCON 2016 in Charlottetown, PEI. LABCON is the annual national conference for medical laboratory professionals hosted by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science. Recognized in the closing ceremonies as a highlight of the conference, audience members were taken through the process of creating the interactive Panorama and the many components, its purpose in teaching and learning, and were given a chance to view it with Oculus and Google Cardboard technology.

“It was apparent to the national delegation that the eTV department has many talented individuals with skills and abilities related to new teaching technologies that can be used in the classroom. Dylan and I were able to showcase the project and gain national recognition for the forward thinking and pioneering efforts being created and implemented at RRC.”
   – Michele Sykes, MLS instructor, Panorama content creator, and co-presenter

Keep an eye on the blog for future eTV developments in collaboration with MLS.

Check out the Prezi presentation shown at the conference for a visual journey in creating the Microbiology Panorama.

Supporting SECD – Update

May 20, 2016

eTV has recently returned from Kenya and Mozambique with more spectacular footage of Early Child Development activities. Working with the School of Health Sciences and Community Services Research Department, the AKF (Aga Khan Foundation), and PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) eTV gathered video material that will be used to support the Science of ECD multimedia resource. The footage, which focuses on maternal and child health programs that integrate early child development messages, will also be used by PATH and AKF in their educational resources. This successful filming project is yet another example of how eTV, in partnership, has established a reputation of excellence in video and media production both locally and internationally. Below are some pictures of the trip with video to come soon.

Turbulent Sky

February 3, 2016

Manitoba Health’s Office of Disaster Management, in conjunction with the Public Health Agency of Canada (Regional) and the Regional Health Authorities of Manitoba, hosted a full-scale health exercise on September 18th, 2015. This year’s health exercise, entitled Turbulent Sky, focused on the on-site medical triage as well as the provision of psychosocial support to passengers involved in an air crash. Over 50 RRC nursing students also participated in this event. To experience the event please click on the graphic below to for an immersive, self- guided, 360° video experience created by eTV/Learning Technologies.

Note: this 360° video experience works best using the Chrome browser.

Turbulent Sky

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Paramedicine Scenario Simulator Panorama

January 5, 2016

In response to the growing need for engaging interaction and simulation, eTV has been developing media rich, ubiquitous mobile solutions for education. The Paramedicine Scenario Simulator Panorama (PSSPano) is a mobile, web accessible tool that will be beta tested by paramedicine students and instructors in 2016. The PSSPano will allow a student to refresh and practice their paramedics skills using a 360 panorama, gamified video, interactive graphic tools, access to resources and challenging quizzes.

Check out a preview of the PSSPano:

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Microbiology Lab – Interactive Panorama

October 16, 2015

In conjunction with the Medical Laboratory Sciences program, eTV recently created this interactive panorama of the Microbiology Lab at RRC. Using immersive learning technology this resource will be used by students to explore the lab and learn about the tools associated with microbiology.

Click on the image to view:


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“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

December 19, 2014

In case you had any doubt about this quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm check out the “all knowing” nod from the sow 48.seconds into this video. It’s all a part of eTV’s/TLTC’s work with Apprentice Manitoba and Assiniboine Community College to create unique immersive educational products. The interactive panoramas that are being created will be completed early in the New Year but in the mean time we thought you might enjoy this romp through one of the pig barns at the University of Manitoba’s Farm and Food Discovery Centre.

Happy Holidays from the eTV gang!

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eTV Studio A Panorama

November 10, 2014

eTV is currently piloting a teaching and learning technology that allows students to experience spaces without ever having to physically travel there. The eTV pilot offers a 360° panorama of our Studio A – Paramedicine classroom. Incorporating images, video, and interactive activities, users can explore the classroom, travel to one of our rural sites in Portage, and learn about the streaming process. As we continue to develop this pilot, we are looking into 3D imaging as well as 360° 3D video with Oculus technology to offer users a fully immersive experience.

Click below to learn about streaming in our Studio A – Paramedicine classroom without ever having to walk through our front door!

pcpvirtual (2)

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Anywhere, Any-Time Instructional Support Material

October 14, 2014

eTV is dedicated to high-quality video that supports teaching and learning at RRC. As part of this commitment, we regularly produce videos that demonstrate complex processes in fields such as Animal Health, Aviation, Apprenticeship, and Culinary Arts. For students, this means access to on-demand, anywhere, any-time instructional support materials that enhance the teaching and learning process at RRC.

Our most recently produced demonstrations are a series of Dental Examination videos to be used in the Dental Assisting program.

Click below to view a clip:

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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

October 3, 2014

Winter may be just around the corner but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about those great summer memories. Join presenters such as Meghan Reid as they do just that! Live streamed from Studio B on October 8th and November 7th, faculty and students will present their experiences from the teacher and technology conferences they attended over the summer. Find out how collaborating with other educators and students from around North America impacted them.

Here’s Meghan with more on these great events:

Both presentations will be live streamed on the eTV Blog: Streaming page.

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