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New version of CANQUEST modelling software now available

July 17, 2016

The latest version of CAN-QUEST NECB v1.1, a building energy modelling software created to demonstrate performance path compliance with the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011 (NECB 2011) is now available for download here.

This version has several improvements over version 1.0 previously released in May 2015; these include the following:

  • Compiled in “Release” mode rather than “Debug” mode, eliminating many nuisance information messages not meant for users
  • Improved French translation of the screens and field options
  • Fixed some unit conversion issues that were causing incorrect input schedule
  • Addressed the following bugs:
    • Compliance errors for MURB projects generated from Wizards
    • Display and compliance run errors
    • Compliance error when dwelling space types or dormitory space types are defined
    • Underground floor with no above-ground floor error
    • Corrected the envelope U-values in reference building to match NECB
    • Temperature input schedules conversion error
    • Under-heated zones in reference building assigned baseboard-heating
    • System hydronic loops and fan curves were unspecified after leaving Wizard mode and caused BDL errors in French interface
    • Glass-type specification problem (e.g. switchable glazing caused crash)
    • Zone layer by layer construction raised debug assertion in Wizard
    • Single layer uninsulated constructions caused NECB compliance errors
    • Reference model HVAC system for Hotel Wizard building type resulted in an NECB compliance error
    • Selecting a life cycle report raised debug assertion
    • Building footprint screen showed multiple building shapes in Wizard
    • Envelope components must have unique insulation layer material
    • Envelope components must have identical thickness inputs on Layers and Material tabs
    • Compliance BDL error generated for reference model due to exterior wall layer with negative density

A CAN-QUEST Modelling Guide and Common Question and Workaround Solution document are available upon request and/or for further information please feel free to me at the coordinates located below.

Patricia Lieu | 343-292-6385|

Senior Officer| Agente principale

Natural Resources Canada | Ressources naturelles Canada

580 Booth St. 16th Floor | 580, rue Booth, 16e étage

Ottawa ON, Canada K1A 0E4