Step Out of Your Box Program

Take advantage of an opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of the dimensions of diversity that make us unique individuals and connect with others in meaningful ways while building valuable career-related skills and increasing social awareness.

Four awards of $500 each are presented annually to four projects submitted by students who spend time exploring a dimension of diversity different from their own and produce a leave-behind project that promotes the selected the dimension of diversity and/or benefits the volunteer organization.

While this program is a voluntary opportunity, several academic programs partner with Student Engagement to offer the Step Out of Your Box Program as an optional graded assignment.

How It Works


  1. Commit to a minimum of 10 hours (including orientation, volunteer time, communication and the completion of a reflection paper) exploring a dimension of diversity different than your own.
  2. Explore the Diversity Wheel and find an area that is different from or unfamiliar with you. The dimensions of diversity include race, ethnicity, culture, nationality, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, parental and family status, socio-economic status, age, physical and cognitive abilities, spiritual beliefs, and many more components.
  3. Find a volunteer organization that will help you explore that new dimension of diversity. This should be with another individual/group/organization outside of your own community.
  4. Complete seven hours of volunteer time – you can always do more volunteer hours!
  5. Spend three hours working on your leave-behind project and your reflection piece.
  6. Submit your reflection piece by March 31 and be eligible for 1 of 4 awards of $500 each.

Leave-Behind Project

This is an initiative that can take various creative forms that showcases your abilities and involvement in a practical and meaningful way with the purpose of further promoting and/or understanding the dimension of diversity you have chosen and/or benefitting the organization. Some examples can be: brochures, presentation videos, handbooks, informational booth, informational/promotional activities, event planning, photography projects, blogs, public speaking, fundraiser event, etc.

Often times, the organization you volunteer for will come up with suggestions of projects that you can create and leave behind for their benefit. Please explore your ideas with your clients/supervisors. The Mentorship Program Coordinator is also available for feedback and support.

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Step Out Of Your Box Program

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