Step Out of Your Box Program


The Step Out of Your Box Program offers you the opportunity to create community connections, enhance your understanding of diversity, challenge biases and stereotypes, and help build a socially involved and responsible campus and community. 

By participating in this program, you will enrich your appreciation and sensitivity towards cultural diversity. You will also refine your ability to interact effectively and appropriately with people from different cultures.

Program Benefits

  • Develop valuable personal and professional skills.
  • Build positive relationships with members of a diverse cultural community. 
  • Increase your awareness and sensitivity to people from different cultures.
  • Assess how your skills, interests, and values align with your career path.

Program Goals

  • Participate in the community-based programs and activities of a culturally-diverse group. 
  • Monitor your attitude, opinions, and behaviour towards diversity.
  • Adapt your communication style to gain a deeper perspective on the experiences of people outside of your identified cultural group.
  • Demonstrate respect towards diverse values and opinions to meet collaborative outcomes.
  • Reflect on your understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. 

How it Works

Complete these steps to participate in the program, earn a certificate, and become eligible to receive a cash award.

  1. Register for the program
    Sign up to participate in the program by filling out the form below. 
  2. Explore different dimensions of diversity
    Complete Step 2 to learn more about diversity and the different ways that it shapes us
  3. Find a volunteer opportunity
    Search online or speak to the Program Coordinator to find a volunteer organization that will help you explore a new dimension of diversity. 
  4. Volunteer in a culturally-diverse environment
    Complete seven hours of volunteer time with an individual, group, or organization outside of your community.
  5. Complete a leave-behind project
    Showcase your creativity by completing a project that benefits the organization you have volunteered with.
  6. Reflect on your volunteer experience
    Write an essay to reflect on your experience in this program and the insights you have gained about yourself and a different culture.
  7. Apply for an award
    Submit your reflection paper by the end of the term to be eligible for one of four awards of $500 each.

Leave-Behind Project

Part of successfully completing the Program is creating a leave behind project for a culturally-diverse community. 

The leave-behind project is a creative initiative that may take various forms. It allows you to showcase your unique abilities and volunteer involvement in practical and meaningful ways that benefit the organization.

While volunteering, explore ideas on how you can further promote the dimension of diversity shared by the people you have met and interacted with during this experience. You can do this on your own or you can ask for feedback from the volunteer organization or the Mentorship Coordinator.

Some project examples are brochures, presentation videos, event planning, handbooks, donation drives, informational/promotional activities, photography projects, blogs, public speaking, etc.

Ready to enhance your understanding of diversity, challenge biases, and stereotypes?

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Step Out Of Your Box Program

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