Internationally Educated Nurses Workplace Partnership Program

Welcome to the Internationally Educated Nurses Workplace Partnership Program (IENWPP). This program matches Internationally Educated Nurses with Canadian Registered Nurses for support and voluntary mentorship, as one component of the Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Nurses (BPIEN) at Red River College.

Timelines and requirements:

The IENWPP runs three times per year, in January, April and September. The program requires five hours of commitment over a six-week period, plus a 90-minute orientation meeting. However, many partnerships choose to meet for more than five hours.

In addition, RNs are encouraged to arrange a job shadowing opportunity at the RN’s place of work where possible (based on the RN’s employer).

Partnerships meet at a time and place of mutual convenience, and support is provided to each partnership throughout the program. All partners receive formal recognition from Red River College.

Internationally Educated Nurses must be enrolled in the BPIEN at Red River College to be eligible for this program.

Benefits to Canadian Registered Nurses include:

  • Enhanced cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity,
  • Greater leadership and professional skills development, and
  • Increased self-knowledge.

The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM) recognizes the IENWPP as an excellent resource.

Benefits to Internationally Educated Nurses include:

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence,
  • Exposure to new areas of nursing,
  • A deepened understanding of the nursing workplace culture/scope/practice, and
  • An opportunity to ask questions in a supportive environment as they prepare for a successful Canadian nursing career.

Skills required for this volunteer position include:

Patience, Warmth, Coaching Skills, Active Listening Skills, Openness to Change, and Flexibility.

Also, the position requires knowledge in at least some of these areas:

  • Canadian Nursing Workplace Culture;
  • Nursing Employment Information and Support;
  • Career Development Options for Nurses;
  • Nursing Medical Terminology;
  • Nursing HR/Administration;
  • Ability to Role-Play/De-brief/Discuss Nursing Scenarios;
  • Ability to support a student preparing for their CNRE Exam.
  • Previous mentoring skills are valuable but not required.

Canadian Registered Nurses are invited to apply at any time and will be matched with an Internationally Educated Nurses for the next available program delivery.

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Internationally Educated Nurses Workplace Partnership Program

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Program Diversity

The following questions are optional but they will help us to make the best matches possible. Please note that this program does not match for dating purposes and does not take specific requests to match males with females and females with males.
You may be matched with someone who is very different than you – this is part of what makes the program so valuable, and it is how we learn about others! As a result, you may be matched with someone who is a different:

- Culture than you
- Religion than you
- Gender identity than you
- Age than you
- Marital status than you
- Sexual orientation than you
- Physical or mental ability than you

If you have concerns about being paired up with someone who is part of one of the groups listed above, please contact the Mentorship Program Coordinator at or 204-632-3847.

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