LGBTT* Support

An atmosphere of respect, inclusiveness, equity and support for all students

We’re equally committed to fostering a safe campus environment by ensuring everyone has the chance to work, learn and access services in an inclusive and welcoming manner.

The acronym LGBTT* represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and two-spirit. The use of the asterisk (*) is to indicate other identities and sexualities, since letters and words cannot fully represent the diversity in the LGBTT community.

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Gender Identity Supports

As part of the LGBTT* Initiative and our ongoing commitment to diversity at Red River College we are accepting and affirming of various gender identities for our students, staff and faculty.

We have gender accessible washroom facilities on all three of our major Winnipeg campuses as well as a number of our regional campuses. We are exploring ways to expand and enhance access to these facilities for all our campuses.

Red River College has identified the following eight gender neutral washrooms:

Notre Dame Campus

  • Washroom located in C101
  • Washroom located close to meeting room A137
  • Washroom located in D218
  • Washroom located in E318

The Roblin Centre

  • Washroom located in P210
  • Washroom located close to the Television Studio in W118 (Swipe card accessible only; swipe cards will be granted following requests)

The Paterson GlobalFoods Institute

  • Washroom located on the ground floor between the Culinary Exchange Annex and the front elevator, close to the lobby/main entrance

Interlake Campus

  • Provincial Office Building on the main floor in room 123