Since 2013, Red River College has worked with approximately 40 companies from Manitoba to British Columbia, generated over 90 product ideas, and developed nearly 70 targeted recipes/ingredient utilizations as student-led projects.

Companies continue to approach the College for collaboration, and industry partners such as National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), Food Development Centre, and Manitoba Agriculture refer companies to us based on past successful project outcomes.

So far, four companies have products that are now on the market, three are set to commercialize in the next year, and several have improved their products or processes to enable more efficient production, better quality, and improved safety.

Past Projects

Manitoba Pulse And Soy Growers (2015)

Student-led recipe development and food styling has become a popular commercialization service to provide social media-ready ideas for companies. Photography for these projects is also conducted through paid student opportunities. Some of these recipes serve as new product ideas to be further developed. An example of this is the progression of the Manitoba Pulse and Soy Grower’s project in 2015, which led to a project with an industry partner to develop lentil perogies in 2018.


We have completed over 30 recipes in four projects including repeat business from MSPrebiotic. In one case, the culinary student had to first understand what restriction a FODMAP diet entailed to develop the recipes according to MSPrebiotic’s needs.