RRCWireless Setup (Mac)

RRCWireless setup

The following guide is for Mac users, Windows users please see this guide for instruction and troubleshooting tips on connecting to RRCWireless.

NOTE: This tutorial can only be completed on campus.

Important notes about RRCWireless

  • Always choose RRCWireless when you setup wireless access at the college. RRCGuest is not a network that RRC students have access to.
  • If your laptop continually chooses RRCGuest instead of RRCWireless, please see the tutorial further down the page titled: My wireless connection keeps defaulting to RRCGuest.

Add RRCWireless to your preferred networks

  1. On your desktop, go to the top right taskbar menu and click on the wi-fi icon, then RRCWireless.
    NOTE: If you do not see the wi-fi icon in the taskbar, go to \Applications\System Preferences> Network, and check off: Show Wi-Fi status in menubar.

  2. Enter your college username and password and select Join.
  3. Within the Verify Certificate pop-up, select Show Certificate and if it is not already, check off: Always trust “NDADCISCOISE.admin.rrc.ca”,  and select Continue.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your personal laptop admin credentials. Enter your laptop admin username and password and select Update Settings.
  5. You should automatically connect to the RRCWireless. To verify, open a webpage or open System Preference > Network, you should see a green light beside Wi-Fi and you should see a 10.65.x.x IP address.

Troubleshooting wireless at the college

My wireless connection keeps defaulting to RRCGuest

  1. To correct this problem you will need to change the order of college wireless networks. If you see the following screen: Join “RRCGuest” pop-up, click Cancel, then click the red close window button in the top left corner of the pop-up.
  2. On your desktop, go to the top right taskbar menu and click on the wi-fi icon, select Open Network Preferences, then Advanced…
    Alternatively: go to \Applications\System Preferences > Network. Select the Wi-Fiservice (as pictured in the image in the previous tutorial above), then Advanced…
  3. Click and drag RRCWireless so that it is positioned above RRCGuest. Select OK, then Apply.

Add RRCWireless manually

If you have deleted the RRCWireless network from your Preferred Networks, you can manually add it back.

  1. Select the “+” icon (as pictured in the image in the previous tutorial above).
  2. Fill in the Add a Wi-Fi network profile form, and select OK:
    • Network name: RRCWireless
    • Security: WPA/WPA2 Enterprise
  3. Select OK again, then select Apply.

If you have questions about this tutorial please contact Meagan Radford at mradford@rrc.ca or the help desk staff in W508 – located in William building in The Roblin Centre.