Connect to Servers (Mac)

Before you begin, essentials for connecting to Red River Colleges on campus servers

  • Creative Arts uses servers to manage assignments, course materials and student files, they are called: Stark, Lannister and Gromit.
  • Stark, Lannister and Gromit are only accessible when you are on campus. You will not be able to connect to these servers from home.
  • Stark, Lannister and Gromit are accessible using the RRCWireless network, however, it is strongly advised to always use your ethernet cable to drop large files to Stark – file corruption can occur when moving large files across the network wirelessly.

Stark, Lannister and Gromit, uses

Stark – Instructor Drop Box
Stark is used to hand in assignments to some of your instructors. You are permitted to write to the drop box folders, but you are not able see into the drop box.

Lannister – Course Materials
Used by some of your instructors for large class assignments and lecture material handouts. You are permitted to drag files from your instructors folders to your laptop, but you are not permitted to write to these folders.

Gromit – Student Server
Each student has approximately 10GB of storage space on Gromit to store course work. You will find your folder with your username within your course year and program.

Remember, you are not able to access Gromit off campus. Be sure to have an external hard drive or cloud service for proper backup of all course work.

To begin, adjust your finder preferences

  1. From your desktop, from the top left menu select: Finder > Preferences…Finder Menu
  2. Within the Finder Preferences dialogue select the General tab.
  3. Check off: Connected to servers. This adjustment forces the server icon to appear on your desktop when you are connected, making it easy to access.Additionally, you may like to check off Hard disks, this forces your Macintosh HD drive to show on your desktop.Finder Preferences

How to connect to Stark, Lannister and Gromit

  1. From your desktop, from the top left menu select: Go > Connect to Server…
    Alternatively, from your desktop, select: command + k.Connect to Server
  2. The Connect to Server dialogue box will appear. Enter each of the server addresses pictured in the image below, selecting the + sign after each to save it permanently.Server Addresses
  3. To connect to any one of the servers, click on a server address under Favourite Servers: to highlight it, and select the Connect button.Choose Server
  4. Select Connect from the following dialogue: “You are attempting to connect to the server…”
  5. When prompted enter your college username and password and select Connect.
  6. In the following dialogue:
    1. If connecting to Stark select: DropBox, then navigate to your instructor’s folder and drag your assignment to the DropBox. You are not permitted to see into the drop box folder.
    2. If connecting to Lannister select: CourseMaterials, then navigate to your instructor’s folder and retrieve the course materials you need. You are not permitted to write to these folders.
    3. If connecting to Gromit you will automatically be connected to your program folder and year (for example: 2ndyrCrecom). You will find a folder with your username. You are the only one who can read or write to this folder.