What courses will I be taking in the DMD program?

A complete list of courses is available here.

How much does this program cost?

Program cost estimates are available here.

What are the admission requirements?

The admissions requirements are detailed here.

I’ve heard that students get to pick a major. How does that work?

In the second year of the program students can pick one of the following three majors: Video and Motion Graphics, 3D Computer Graphics (which includes digital sculpting), or Web/Mobile Design and Development.

I’ve heard that I will need a laptop and a camera. What are the specs needed?

Yes, once accepted you will need to purchase a laptop and a camera. The specs change every year and will be released in early June.

What is a typical day like in DMD?

The schedule varies from year to year, but in general classes run 8am to 4pm or 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Classes can go as late as 6pm. There is always an hour for lunch in the middle of the day.

What is the difference between the Graphic Design program and the Digital Media Design program?

The Graphic Design program focuses primarily on design principles, illustration, conceptual development, print production and design, web and mobile design and user experience (UX).

Digital Media Design is a broader program that also teaches design principles and illustration, but has a focus on applying design to new media: 3D computer graphics, video and motion graphics, and web and mobile design and development.

DMD graduates get jobs working as 3D artists for video games and animated films, video shooters, editors, and producers, motion graphic designers and animators, web and mobile designers and front end developers, user experience and user interface designers (UI/UX), and visual effects artists for film.

How many people do you accept every year? How many people apply?

On average 150 people apply every year to the DMD program. Of those, about 90 people submit an entrance portfolio, and from those we accept 41 for entry in the fall.

How do I apply?

You can apply here.