In addition to making post-secondary education more accessible and tailored to meet student needs, CBR also has many additional benefits that include:

  • Removing financial barriers that will enable students to have more options to take courses part-time or pay for courses as they take them.
  • Offering greater choice for students interested in upgrading or re-skilling – focusing on competencies or specific skills rather than taking an entire program.
  • Interrupted learning will be better accommodated. As student’s lives change, they will have greater flexibility so their pathway can change as their own personal needs change.
  • Greater choice based on employer’s needs. Learners will now have more options to take necessary courses to gain a skill or competency required by their employer.
  • Better access to programs across the College that will allow students to satisfy their personal interests and professional requirements.
  • Increased interdisciplinary experiences will allow students from different programs to take the same courses and work on projects together, creating a richer educational environment that reflects the reality of today’s workplaces.
  • An improved online registration experience.