Fall 2020 Planning

Looking Ahead

Red River College will deliver all possible programs and services through online delivery for the full term in fall 2020.

This decision allows appropriate planning to take place to ensure the delivery of quality online programming, and to ensure that students know what to expect for the coming fall term.

While the College is focused on online delivery for the fall, planning is also underway to allow a limited return of some on-campus activities if and when public health directives permit it. Should this happen, priority will be given to hands-on training that was delayed and restricted to those students who are nearing graduation but have one or two outstanding courses.

Even if social distancing measures begin to relax, it is expected the majority of fall programs and services will be delivered online.

The high-caliber hands-on, applied and experiential learning opportunities that have always set Red River College apart pose unique challenges in the face of social distancing requirements. Our planning includes, by necessity, nimble and innovative solutions to these challenges in an environment where public safety regulations may change at a moment’s notice.

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