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Coronavirus Information

Mask Policy Update

June 20, 2022

As previously announced, the College has updated the mask policy, effective June 17, 2022. Masks are now optional on all campuses.

We have intentionally made this gradual transition, starting mid-March with the updates to mask usage outdoors and when physically distanced in workspaces and classrooms.

As per public health guidance, personal risk assessments are the best course of action to approach mask usage indoors. We encourage members of the College community to make the decision that is best for them, and we will continue to support the use of masks on campus.

We recognize that individuals will have different comfort levels with this change. We want to remind our community that questioning others’ choices, or disrespectful comments and/or actions go against our Respectful College Policy.

We will continue to provide medical-grade masks free of charge at campus entrances.

For any questions or concerns about the latest updates to on-campus COVID-19 health and safety measures, please reach out to Healthy, Safety and Security Services at