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Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures Update

February 25, 2022

In preparation for the anticipated Public Health changes scheduled for March 1 and March 15, we are sharing an outline of our initial response. 

Implementation of this approach will mean iterative updates to RRC Polytech Policy E14. The Policy can be found here.

Vaccine Requirement

To align with the Province of Manitoba’s decision to remove the vaccine requirement, RRC Polytech will end the vaccine requirement as of March 1 for all campuses

That means that staff, faculty, students, and visitors will no longer be required to show proof of vaccination. In addition, we will no longer be offering a rapid antigen test program. 

Designated entry points will be removed effective March 1 and all entrances will be open in accordance with College operating hours.

It has been a point of pride that more than 90% of RRC Polytech staff and students are fully vaccinated, and that many of our community members have received their booster shot. Our collective high vaccination rate is a primary reason we remain confident that our campuses are safe places to learn and work.

Vaccine clinics for first, second, and third doses will continue to be offered at the Health Centre. 

Mask Requirement 

RRC Polytech will maintain the requirement for wearing masks on campus up to the end of the Winter Term (April 29).

Experiential (hands-on) training requires students and instructors to work and learn in close proximity. For this reason, and the safety and comfort of our staff and students, we are continuing the use of masks and physical distancing in these spaces until the end of Winter Term. 

The following mask wearing changes are effective March 15:

  •        No longer required to wear outdoors
  •        No longer required while seated in class, where physical distancing can be maintained.
  •        No longer required to be worn while seated in an open office environment where physical distancing can be maintained
  •        No longer required when attending meetings in offices and boardrooms where physical distancing can be maintained
  •        No longer required while exercising at NDC and EDC fitness facilities 
  •        Level 3 Medical Grade Masks continue to be required – College issued masks only

After April 29, 2022 mask use will be optional at all RRC Polytech campuses. 

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing requirements will remain in classrooms, labs, and work spaces until April 29, 2022.  

At this time, occupancy restrictions have been lifted from dining and common areas and fitness facilities, in accordance with industry specific public health measures.  

Stanchions, barriers and physical distancing markers will remain in place. 

Safety Measures that Will Not Change:

  •        Staff and Students will continue to stay home when sick
  •        Staff and Students will self-monitor and screen for symptoms daily
  •        Hand sanitizer will be available at entrances and spaces throughout all campuses
  •        Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of all spaces will remain an essential part of our campus operations

RRC Polytech will maintain the current program delivery method for the remainder of Winter 2022 and into Spring and Intersession 2022 for all programs. This decision has been made to reduce the disruptions for students and faculty who have already committed to the blended, online and experiential (hands-on) training delivery methods for the upcoming term.

While program delivery remains unchanged for the time being, we will begin to plan for increased events and activities on campus, and encourage all staff to begin working with their leaders and managers on their personal work plans through the remote-work policy.

Phased Re-entry

As was highlighted in Wednesday’s message – the College is working towards a phased approach to re-entry which will allow us to operate on-campus without restrictions for the Fall 2022 term. 

We look forward to further discussion on the details of our phased re-entry plan in the coming weeks, including the opportunity for you to attend a Fall 2022 Webinar with Q&A session.

We understand that these changes may produce anxiety and stress from some staff and students. Please remember to be kind and supportive of your peers and that everyone will return to campus at a different pace depending on comfort level. The College is currently developing additional mental health resources specific to re-entry, and you are encouraged and empowered to use this resources as you need. Additional information will be shared in the coming weeks. 

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you again for your commitment and support in keeping RRC Polytech’s community safe. 

Melanie Gudmundson, Chief Human Resource Officer