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Coronavirus Information

Fall 2022 Planning – Update

February 23, 2022

As Public Health recommendations change in our province, RRC Polytech is working to create a safe, gradual approach to increased on-campus activity.

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have all worked together to keep our community safe – thank you for your continued commitment and support. Moving forward, the phased return to on-campus activities, learning, working and events will allow each of us the time to re-adjust at an individual pace as we shift our routines.

Please note: We will be sending an additional update within the next few days outlining our approach for the remainder of the Winter term related to recently announced changes to provincial vaccine, mask, and social distancing mandates.

Fall 2022 – Return to On-Campus Delivery

Over the last two years, we’ve successfully incorporated a balanced blend of online and in-person learning to create more flexibility for our learners as they pursue their studies. As we move forward, on-campus experiences and in-person learning are ideal to the success of our programs.

We anticipate that for the Fall 2022 Term, RRC Polytech will operate on-campus program delivery, work, and events with no public health restrictions in place.

Planning is in early stages, and is being guided by the following considerations:

  • The requirement to stay home when sick remains unchanged.
  • Many programs will be delivered through our Flexible Delivery Model, ensuring that they offer experiential (hands-on) and in-person learning.
  • No public health restrictions will be in place.
  • Anyone coming onto any of the RRC Polytech campuses will be required to self-screen
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection will remain an essential part of our campus operations.

Spring and Intersession 2022

RRC Polytech will maintain the current delivery method for the remainder of Winter 2022 and into Spring and Intersession 2022 for all programs. This decision has been made to reduce the disruptions for students and faculty who have already committed to the blended, online and essential experiential (hands-on) training delivery methods for the upcoming term.

Phased Campus Re-Entry of Faculty, Staff and Students

The re-entry plan will be a balanced, informed, and aware approach to help guide our return to campus, making the best sense for our organization.

That means it may look different compared to other post-secondary institutions or businesses. Still, it will ensure that as we prepare for the Fall Term, we’re in the right place to deliver our programs while maintaining the flexibility that we need to adjust to demands of the pandemic or future requirements from Public Health.

Our community has faced incredible challenges over the course of the pandemic, including the stress from our lives outside of work. We recognize the stress and anxiety that may be felt around these upcoming changes and want you to feel supported along the way. Please know that you are not alone in these feelings. The College is currently developing a mental health strategy specific to the phased re-entry plan, which will include tools and resources to help each individual move through this transition.

We look forward to sharing more about the re-entry plan and additional supports in the coming weeks.

Thank you again for your commitment and support.

Jeanine Webber, Ph.D., RSW (AB), Executive Director, Academic

Melanie Gudmundson, Chief Human Resource Officer