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Coronavirus Information

Update: Accommodations and COVID-19

January 28, 2022

RRC Polytech’s Winter 2022 Term includes blended learning within each program, offering online, essential, and enriched learning experiences. Limited on-campus activity will take place, with a focus on hands-on learning and industry training activities.

Student Accessibility Services is committed to providing reasonable academic accommodations to students with disabilities for all RRC Polytech classes, including those delivered in an online format.

During the Winter 2022 Term, Student Accessibility Services is providing services remotely via video conferencing (MS Teams or WebEx) with consideration for in-person appointment requests on a case-by-case basis.

Students New to RRC Polytech Student Accessibility Services

If you are not yet registered with Student Accessibility Services, and would like to request accommodations, please make an appointment with an Accessibility Specialist.

Please see below regarding our medical documentation requirements.

Current Students

If you are already registered with Student Accessibility Services and would like to request a telephone or online meeting with your Accessibility Specialist, please email your Accessibility Specialist directly.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services will continue to provide ASL-English interpreting and computerized note taking for courses offered on-campus as well as through online delivery. To book an interpreter, please complete the booking form.

For more information, please contact Jill Patterson via email or call 204-795-2331.


Students currently eligible for exam accommodations are encouraged to review the Assessment Centre webpage for detailed information on how exam accommodations are being delivered for online/alternate delivery of courses.


For assistance with assistive technology and alternate format material, please contact

Medical Documentation and COVID-19

Students requesting academic accommodations are required to submit current medical documentation supporting their request. Please see the Disability Documentation Guide for detailed information.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the government has generally requested that organizations in the Province not stretch our health care system by requesting medical notes. As a result, on a temporary basis students may not need to provide new or updated medical documentation from their healthcare provider(s) for the sole purpose of supporting an accommodation request. Student Accessibility Services reserves the right to require documentation in some cases (e.g., when extraordinary accommodations are requested).

During this time, students should provide any medical documentation that may be available (medical report, high school IEP, letter from previous college/university). Additional documentation can be supplied at a later time. The approval of accommodations not based on current medical information may be granted on a temporary basis only.

Students should note the following:

When restrictions are lifted, the College reserves the right to:

  1. Request that students provide updated medical information;
  2. Review any new information and determine what accommodations are supported; and
  3. Offer appropriate accommodations based on the medical information, even if they are different than the temporary accommodations a student received during the pandemic.

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