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Coronavirus Information

Changes to COVID-19 On-Campus Case Reporting

January 21, 2022

Beginning Monday, January 24 RRC Polytech is updating how it reports positive cases to the College community.

We will now provide weekly updates about on-campus cases, posted directly to the COVID-19 site on Friday afternoons, and shared to Staff News and Student News on Monday mornings. This change is being made to a consistent reporting structure, while maintaining our ongoing internal response to notify anyone who may be directly connected to any cases reported on-campus.  

Those who are close contacts to confirmed cases will be notified prior to the weekly update. If you have not been notified at that time, you are not a close contact.

This change in reporting only applies to cases of COVID-19 reported on-campus that are assessed as low-risk by Safety Health Services or Public Health.

Additional updates will be communicated to the College community by email if:

  • A reported case is considered high risk
  • Community transmission is present on campus and is considered high-risk
  • Services, supports and/or programs are impacted

Thank you for your support as we continue to evolve and strengthen our processes to ensure students and staff remain informed and up to date.

Reporting Covid-19 Cases to the Health Centre – New Form

The Health Centre has created a new form for staff and students to report if they are symptomatic, have travelled, receive positive test results (including rapid-antigen tests) or are a close contact to a confirmed case of COVID-19. Please note that you are only required to use the reporting form if you have been on campus or will be coming to campus.

Moving forward, please use this form in place of emailing or phoning the Health Centre.

Keeping the RRC Polytech Community Safe

RRC Polytech’s COVID-19 response plan has been developed with the guidance and approval of Manitoba Public Health, and continues to adapt to the evolving situation. A mainstay of the College’s response plan is our robust contact tracing system, which includes direct contact case management.

In the event that a member of the College community reports a confirmed case of COVID-19 to our Health Centre, Safety and Health Services will assess the case and anyone who is considered a close contact will immediately be notified about next steps.

With all cases, Safety and Health Services will review indivduals’ activity on campus, confirm whether it was limited to one area of the College and if they were wearing proper PPE. Regular cleaning and disinfection protocols are completed to affected spaces and surrounding areas connected to all cases.

Click here to review confirmed cases on campus