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Coronavirus Information

Five confirmed cases of COVID-19 at NDC

January 13, 2022

Red River College Polytechnic was advised that five members of our community have tested positive for COVID-19. We wish them, and everyone else at the College affected by this virus a quick recovery.

Due to the stringent safety measures in place, RRC Polytech Safety and Health Services advises that all cases are considered low risk. At this time, we can share the following information:

Notre Dame Campus – Five Confirmed Cases

Case NumberDate ReportedLast On Campus
Case 1Jan 12Jan 11
Case 2Jan 12Jan 11
Case 3Jan 12Jan 11
Case 4Jan 12Jan 11
Case 5Jan 13Jan 10

For all five cases, Safety and Health Services has reviewed the individual’s activity while on-campus, and confirmed it was limited to one area of the College and they were wearing all appropriate PPE. Regular cleaning and disinfection protocols have been completed to affected spaces and surrounding areas.

There are no close contacts associated with any of the cases.

We understand that receiving this update with multiple confirmed cases can be distressing to some. It is important to acknowledge that the five reported cases at NDC are not connected.

With the recent increase in community transmission within the province, it is imperative that we all continue to focus on the fundamentals and follow all COVID-19 health and safety measures before arriving and while on campus.

The Notre Dame Campus remains open, and programs and services have not been impacted. 

A reminder that if you are experiencing symptoms that could be COVID-19, use the Online COVID-19 Screening Tool to self-screen and get tested if that is what is recommended and notify the Health Centre by email at

Thank you for continuing to do your part to keep each other and our community safe.

Updates, if required, will be provided via email and will be shared online at