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Winter 2022 Update

October 20, 2021

Work to prepare for the Winter 2022 Academic Term, which begins January 4, 2022, is well underway. Today’s update will outline some important anticipated changes for the upcoming term and let you know what you can expect regarding blended and face-to-face delivery, our COVID-19 safety protocols, and vaccine requirement.

Increased On-Campus Learning

For winter 2022, we intend to continue increasing face-to-face learning for many of our programs while maintaining our flexible and blended approach as well. We will post the updated delivery methods for all programs online later this month.

Vaccine Rates on Campus

We are pleased to share that RRC Polytech has very high vaccine rates. In a recent survey, more than 90 percent of our staff and faculty reported they were fully vaccinated, while two percent indicated they would be fully vaccinated this fall. 

As part of the survey, we found equally high rates among students, with 79 per cent fully vaccinated and another nine percent indicating that they will be fully vaccinated this fall.

When asked about College’s vaccination policy, 83 percent of staff and faculty supported the policy, with five percent neutral on the topic. By comparison, 71 percent of students are supportive, 11 percent said they were neutral. 

These findings reaffirm our approach to make vaccinations a requirement for coming on campus and indicate that this is a health and safety measure that matters to the College community.

Physical Distancing & Vaccine Requirement

To support the increase in on-campus learning for winter 2022, physical distancing in classrooms and labs will no longer be required. 

We have worked closely with Manitoba Public Health to ensure our safety measures continue to meet and exceed all requirements. Public Health has provided this change in guidance with respect to physical distancing because the College will continue to maintain the on-campus mask requirement, vaccine requirement, and rapid-antigen testing program for individuals with an approved exemption. 

Safety and Health Services and the Incident Management Team are currently reviewing how the change to physical distancing may be applied beyond the classroom, as it will look different across departments, campuses, and common spaces. More information about this will be provided to help support planning for the increase in on-campus activity.

Flexible work & non-academic operations gradual return

As on-campus presence increases, we will see a corresponding increase to in-person services and supports. While there is no firm date for areas to begin increasing the amount of staff on-campus next January, Managers will continue their planning to ensure that we can meet the needs of the increased activity that will be taking place during the winter term. 

We are in the process of finalizing an interim Flexible Work Policy to support return to campus planning. The College will share the policy and supporting procedures in early November to help inform and guide this staged approach as we continue to increase the number of people on-campus for winter 2022.

All decisions regarding program delivery and COVID-19 safety protocol will always be informed by the guidance and approval of public health. While our plan is to increase on-campus presence, we will continue to be flexible should the pandemic prevent the rollout of our winter 2022 plans.

Webinar & Updates

Staff are invited to join us on Wednesday, October 27, for a webinar focusing on our plans for the winter 2022 term. 

We will discuss our Flexible Work Policy, COVID-19 safety protocols, and the projected increase in academic activity, services, and supports. Details to participate in the webinar will be posted in Staff News later this week. 

We will always keep you informed and share updates through College email, Staff Forum, and Staff News.

We look forward to connecting with you at the webinar. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Thank you for your continued support of each other and our students.

Dr. Christine Watson
Vice President Academic and Research

Melanie Gudmundson
Chief Human Resource Officer