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RRC Vaccine Stories

June 16, 2021

Hundreds of members of the College community are making informed decisions to get vaccinated every day, and they’re sharing their stories about why it’s important to them.

Pamela McLeod, Instructor, School of Indigenous Education, Notre Dame Campus

Now that I am vaccinated, I am most looking forward to…
…HUGS! I have been one of the “lucky” ones in this pandemic. My volunteer jobs disappeared. I sent a few suppers to the ER staff at the Grace Hospital because the cafeteria isn’t open on night shifts. We donated some money and some socks, but none of that has felt like much. The LEAST I could do, while others lost their livelihoods and risked their lives and soldiered on under such challenging circumstances, was to get a little shot in the arm. And it WAS a “shot in the arm!” I felt elated with relief. In early July, our first grandchild is going to arrive. I want her to grow up in a world where we know what to do to care for each other, and we do it.

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Naomi Kruse, Counselling and Accessibility Services, Notre Dame Campus

I made the informed decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine because…
I grew up knowing my dad had polio as a child. He spent months in the hospital and time in an iron lung, separated from his friend and family – not knowing if he would ever see them again. Because of this story, I know what a miracle scientific discovery can be, and it is a gift which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Whatever I can do to protect my community, my family, my friends, and myself – I’ll do. It’s an extremely small price to pay.

Juan Carlos Mejia Cano, Student, Information Security, Exchange District Campus

I made the informed decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine because…
I wanted to protect my family, especially my daughter that cannot be vaccinated due to her age. Manitoba healthcare workers have been doing an extraordinary job, but we all must do our part to overcome this situation. Getting the vaccine is one of the easiest ways to contribute. I believe that vaccines are safe and can be the difference between life and death.

Nancy Carroll, Human Resources, Notre Dame Campus

I decided to get my COVID-19 vaccine to protect… the most vulnerable people in the community. I have family and friends who are chronically ill. By getting the vaccine and supporting those in my network to get vaccinated, we will move closer to herd immunity and reduce the spread of COVID-19. I believe in public health and the role we can play to keep each other safe.



Marie Rogge, Instructor, LTC, International Education, VIA Rail – Exchange District Campus

I decided to get my COVID-19 vaccine to protect… my 87-year-old mother and her senior community. As her designated family caregiver, I want to do what I can to keep her safe so she can someday enjoy her soon-to-be-born great-grandchild. I want her to be safe and well and not at risk, so her whole community can enjoy another spring. That one vaccine protects generations!

Vaccines are safe, free, and available to all RRC employees and students. Together we can protect ourselves, protect others, protect the community, and help reduce further spread of COVID-19. Click here to book your vaccination appointment online. 

You can help encourage the College community to get vaccinated. Click here to share your story.