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RRC Vaccine Stories

June 14, 2021

Hundreds of members of the College community are making informed decisions to get vaccinated every day, and they’re sharing their stories about why it’s important to them.

Woman in carDayna Robbie, College and Public Relations, Notre Dame Campus

I decided to get my COVID-19 vaccine to protect…
I chose to get vaccinated to protect myself, but most importantly, to protect my loved ones. My fiancé is immuno-compromised and getting vaccinated is the easiest thing I can do to protect him and others with similar conditions. Together, we’re now one step closer to hugging our families and our plans to travel the globe again finally feel within reach.

Matt Brooks, Instructor, Creative Arts, Exchange District Campus

I made the informed decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine because…
It’s the smart, safe, responsible thing to do. If we ever want to get back to living our lives again (and fully live our lives, not just stuck at home), we need to protect ourselves and others. Some people can’t get vaccinated, even if they want to. I want to be in a room with my parents, family, friends, and students soon, and this is the only way it’s going to happen. And it’s just so easy to do – it takes all of five minutes to do.

Woman with band-aid on her upper armJessica Wilson, Student, Notre Dame Campus

I made the informed decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine because…
In November 2020, I took a micro-credential course with the College to assume a position as a healthcare aide in a personal-care home. I did this because during the COVID outbreak they needed extra help. In February 2021, as soon as openings occurred, I booked my vaccine and got double dosed within that month to keep myself and others around me safe. I still remain in that position today because I developed a passion for helping the people there. I plan on continuing this role until hopefully being accepted into the Diagnostic Sonography or MRT programs at RRC. I look forward to life being back in full swing, thank you scientists!

Angela Swanson, Early Childhood Education, Notre Dame Campus

I made the informed decision to book my appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine because…
I miss seeing my coworkers, students, family members, friends and community members in person. In my opinion, vaccinations will be the way to get us back together!

Woman wearing face maskCarleigh Friesen, Academic Success Centre, Library & Academic Services, Notre Dame Campus

I am sharing my vaccination story with the College community because…
I know someone that is living with the impacts of “long COVID,” and despite being young, physically fit, and healthy, COVID has left her short of breath over six months into recovery.

COVID doesn’t discriminate, and vaccines are our only protection against its acute and long-lasting impacts.

I’m sharing so that I can meet my niece (born in April!), host brunches, and have a date night at our favourite restaurants again. I believe this is the only way we can return to the activities we love and have been missing.

Vaccines are safe, free, and available to all RRC employees and students. Together we can protect ourselves, protect others, protect the community, and help reduce further spread of COVID-19. Click here to book your vaccination appointment online. 

You can help encourage the College community to get vaccinated. Click here to share your story.