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RRC Vaccine Stories

May 31, 2021

Hundreds of members of the College community are making informed decisions to get vaccinated every day, and they’re sharing their stories about why it’s important to them.  

DJ Wahl, Instructor, Construction Electrician, Notre Dame Campus

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I am sharing my vaccination story with the College community because…
My 12-year-old son was the first teenager (17 & under) to be vaccinated at the Morden super site. He was applauded by a wonderful staff as he walked in.  

He felt he had a responsibility to get life back to normal. I couldn’t be prouder. Small acts can change lives.



Paula Amaral, Instructor, Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Exchange District Campus

I made the informed decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine because…
I believe it is one of the best forms of defence against the coronavirus! I want to return to some sort of normalcy in my work life by being on campus, teaching live in front of my students and connecting with my colleagues in person, and in my personal life by going to my parents’ home and having family dinners again. I didn’t hesitate to book my appointment and my children’s appointments as soon as we met the eligibility criteria. It’s crucial that we relieve the stress on the healthcare system by doing our part!

Arnold Boldt, Executive Director, Academic, Notre Dame Campus

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I made the informed decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine because…
I made the informed decision to book my appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine to better keep safe from infection those whom I’m close to – my mother who resides in a personal care home, my family, my friends (when I can next be with them) and others I come into contact with while shopping for essential daily living needs. And myself, I also do not want to be sick with COVID-19. I believe that the sooner we all choose to be vaccinated, the sooner we will all be able to re-connect and enjoy those activities that energize us. 


Sheila McIntosh, Instructor, Interlake and Peguis – Fisher River Campus

I am sharing my vaccination story with the College community because…
I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. It’s important to protect yourself, so you can protect your family, friends, your community and to do your part to eradicate this pandemic because it’s the vaccine that will do this. That is why I did it and being a nurse, I have an even greater responsibility to protect others. 

For those that are scared or worried about the vaccine, it is safer than getting the COVID -19 virus along with its potential side effects. Getting the vaccine will allow the world to come back to more normalcy, hopefully sooner than later. I miss my pre-pandemic lifestyle (everyone does); visiting with my family who live within 10 minutes of my place and across the country which means being able to travel and hug them all; teaching my students in a physical classroom face to face; having coffee with colleagues and friends; getting a pedicure and haircut; and all the other things I took for granted.

Conor Lloyd, Director, College and Public Relations, Notre Dame Campus

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I decided to get my COVID-19 vaccine to protect… my family. It was never a question whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine, it was a responsibility. I want my daughter to be able to see and hug her grandparents, and I want to ensure I am doing everything to keep my family safe. I especially want to protect my wife who is one of the thousands of nurses working tirelessly in our healthcare system right now. Getting vaccinated makes our home safer, and it keeps her, her colleagues, and her patients safe too (even though she was fully immunized way before me). I want to do everything I can so my daughter can spend more face time with her grandparents, instead of spending more time on FaceTime.

Vaccines are safe, free, and available to all RRC employees and students. Together we can protect ourselves, protect others, protect the community, and help reduce further spread of COVID-19. Click here to book your vaccination appointment online. 
You can help encourage the College community to get vaccinated. Click here to share your story.