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Coronavirus Information

Update on illness following or related to the COVID-19 vaccine

April 27, 2021

We are pleased to share that many members of the College community continue to become eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine each week. We would like to thank those of you who have received your first or second doses, those who are currently signed up for appointments, and those who intend to get their vaccine as soon as they become eligible.

As more of us become immunized, we must continue to prioritize the health and safety of the entire College community.

We would like to remind you that even after you are vaccinated with one or two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and you are experiencing any symptoms – even if you believe these to be side-effects of the vaccine itself, you must follow the following protocols:

  • Go home immediately, or remain at home
  • Complete the self-screening tool through Shared Health
  • Follow all public health proper protocols
  • Contact the RRC Health Centre at 204-632-2238

A nurse from the Health Centre will advise you on when you can return to campus.

If you’re a student, contact your instructor or program coordinator about accommodations that may be available to help you continue your studies.

These protocols are designed to protect the College community, and we will work with you to provide support if you must miss class or work because you are feeling unwell. We must all work together to stop the spread of the virus within our community and protect one another. For more information on the fundamentals and best practices, please click here.

Thank you for continuing to do your part to keep each other safe.