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Coronavirus Information

Update: Returning to Campus

June 19, 2020

Based on the latest guidance from public health authorities, Red River College is moving forward with plans to return programs and services to our campuses on a very limited basis.

Find out more about the phases of our return, which programs and services will return to campus in which phase, and the guides you need to follow if you’re returning to campus, at

RRC is currently progressing through Phase 1 of our re-entry plan. Phase 1, which continues until July 15, focuses on resuming very limited, essential hands-on learning and industry training for students who are close to graduation.

For example, a cohort of international Health Care Aide students will return to the Notre Dame Campus in late June to complete skills training to be eligible for July practicum placements in order retain their Visa status. Some aviation industry training has already resumed at our Stevenson campus.

These limited activities will help us test and fine-tune our processes and procedures as we prepare to welcome back more staff and students for catch-up learning in later phases, leading up to our full return in Phase 4.

As part of Phase 1, we are reaching out to students and academic programs to determine their availability for catch-up training that could take place in Phase 2, and with operational areas to determine what phase they will be able to resume on-campus service and delivery. We’ll share more information with you as it becomes available.

Additional Phase 1 Highlights

  • Campuses remain restricted to essential services only
  • No more than 25% of our staff and students will be allowed on campus at any time. (Please note: This figure is based on campus-wide population; actual in-class numbers will vary depending on size of room or lab.)
  • The majority of College employees will continue to work from home
  • All staff and students returning to campuses will follow strict physical distancing guidelines
  • Most academic programs will continue to be delivered online into Fall 2020 and beyond

We expect later phases to begin on the following dates:

  • Phase 2: July 15, 2020
  • Phase 3: August 31, 2020
  • Phase 4: January 1, 2021