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Grades and Grading Options

April 22, 2020

RRC will offer students the option to change their final letter grade to a Credit/Not Complete (CR/NC) for any of their courses delivered on or following March 23, 2020. Whether CR or NC is applied as a grade depends on whether you have achieved the passing grade in the course.

For some students, the COVID 19 pandemic has presented many challenges both personally and academically. As a result, you may feel that you did not perform as well in a course as you would normally. A letter grade will impact your GPA. If you select the CR/NC option, there is no impact to your GPA calculation.

Students are not required to change their final grade from a letter grade to a CR/NC. Regular grading for your course remains the default for all students and will be included in your GPA calculation.

If you’re not satisfied with your letter grade and concerned it could impact your GPA you have the option to change it to a CR or NC. You must choose to change your final grade to the CR or NC by filling out the appropriate request form in HUB.

This option will be available to students for courses being delivered, on or following March 23, 2020, when alternative delivery was implemented. This new grading option will be available until midnight, September 12, 2020 to accommodate late spring and summer programs.

Grade Change Request Process

  1. Open your Grade Report in HUB.
  2. Click on the Change to CR/NC button next to the course grade you wish to request to change. This button will also identify how many days you have left to make a change request.
  3. Before you can submit, you will be prompted to acknowledge that you understand the implications of the grade change request. You will not be able to submit until you confirm all items.
  4. It will take approximately 10 business days to review and process your request.
  5. If your request is still being processed, your Grade Report will indicate ***under review***
  6. If your request is complete, your Grade Report will indicate ***review complete***
  7. You will receive an email response to your RRC email account once your request has been completed.
  8. Your HUB Grade Report and official Transcript will be updated with the new grade, if approved.
  9. If your request has been denied, please contact your course instructor for further information.

Questions? See our FAQ below.