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RRC introduces new grading options for 2019/20 academic year

April 17, 2020

Red River College has introduced new grading options for students in recognition of the extraordinary challenges they’re facing as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Students can now convert a traditional letter grade they receive for their courses at the end of the current academic term to “Credit” or “Not Complete”. “Credit” indicates that a student has fulfilled the minimum requirements of the course, while “Not Complete” indicates the student has not. Neither grade will count towards a student’s grade point average (GPA).

“This is a difficult time to assess academic achievement,” says Aileen Najduch, Acting Vice-President, Academic. “The Credit/Not Complete option recognizes that both our faculty and our students have been thrown into a tremendously demanding situation through no fault of their own, and that many of our students are also facing unforeseen challenges, such as childcare or job loss. RRC is adding this option to provide a bit of a safety net and reduce stress for students as they head into exams.”

The grade conversion is like those being offered at many other institutions around the country, she adds.

Students who select “Credit or CR” will receive the necessary academic credit for their course and be able to move on in their program without worrying about the impact of their grade on their GPA.

Students who convert a failing grade into a “Not Complete or NC” will not receive credit for the course, but the grade will not count against their final GPA. If the course is required for their program, they will have to repeat it.

Students also have the option of keeping the traditional letter grade they earned.

Due to the nature of some of the College programs, students may not always be able to convert their letter grade to the Credit/Not Complete option. Prior to making the decision to convert a grade, the College encourages all students to have conversation with their program’s Chair, or instructor, to ensure they are well-informed about the options that have  available.

While the change won’t impact a student’s ability to progress in their studies at Red River College, selecting the Credit/Not Complete option may have implications for programs that are approved or accredited by external organizations.

“Together,” says Najduch, “we will work to ensure that our students have the education and training they need to help rebuild our province’s economy when the time comes.”

For more information, visit our Grading Options FAQ »