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Using collaboration apps safely

April 1, 2020

We’re proud of our students and the efforts you’re making to complete your courses in this time of disruption and rapid change.

We’re all working differently as we adapt to online learning — and that includes using new tools like Microsoft Teams, WebEx or email to collaborate with your classmates on assignments. Here are some reminders about good practices for using College-approved application tools.

  1. Collaboration apps aren’t private.
    Using collaboration tools isn’t like texting from your personal smartphone: it isn’t private. Although the College limits the personal information we share on these platforms, someone else on your team may be able to view your input. Don’t share any personal information you’d rather keep private.
  2. Collaboration apps are part of a safe, respectful learning environment.
    Remember that collaboration and communication tools are a part of the College’s learning environment, and that ensuring a safe and respectful learning environment is a responsibility we all share. Differences of opinion are an important part of higher learning, but communicating them respectfully is crucial. Review RRC’s Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities.
  3. Stick to the approved collaboration tools.
    If you use collaboration tools that haven’t been approved by the College, we don’t know how those providers may collect, use or disclose your information. That’s why we suggest you only use RRC-approved collaboration apps at this time.