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Coronavirus Information

Update on the latest public health order

March 31, 2020

Yesterday we learned that the Province of Manitoba updated their public health orders and now require all non-essential businesses in Manitoba to close from April 1 to 14. We’re now meeting with the government to review the public health order to determine what further restrictions we need to put into place, in addition to our transition to the online delivery of our programs, to continue to reduce the number of staff and faculty attending our campuses and ensure that we continue to be compliant with this directive.

Once we have more information available we will update the College community. For now it’s important that all faculty and staff who are able to work from home, do so immediately and to continue to work from home until our public health authorities advise us we can resume our normal operations.

I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard over these past weeks to make the change in the way we do our work and deliver our programs. Your leadership and support during these times have enabled us to make this transition to continue to support our students and our College community.

Melanie Gudmundson
Chief Human Resource Officer, Red River College