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Coronavirus Information

Update: COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

March 12, 2020

Message from Christine E. Watson. PhD  | Interim President and CEO
Thursday, March 12 | 11:15 am

Red River College just received this notice from Manitoba Health. Our Incident Management Team has already begun working on specific plans for all the areas outlined in the Province of Manitoba directive below.

I appreciate that we are in very uncertain times and that there is worry and fear about COVID 19. Information is changing rapidly – often on an hourly basis – and the Senior Leadership Team will be working closely with the Incident Management Team, public health officials and other post secondaries in order to develop plans and institute best practices.

I know many of you have questions – our priority is to provide information in a timely way and make decisions that consider the health and safety of our students, staff and faculty first and foremost. Please keep a close eye on your email for updates on practices and procedures relating to mass gatherings, travel, programming and other areas outlined in the communication below.

Please contact if you have questions, however, please keep in mind that we are developing answers and plans in real time, during a situation that is constantly changing. That means we may not have immediate answers but we will be sharing updated information and changes in policies and guidelines throughout today and in the coming days.