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Work-integrated learning experiences and Co-operative education plays an integral role in Red River College Polytechnic’s strategic plan and mission to elevate people, industry and community in Manitoba through future-focused polytechnic education, research and partnerships.

A co-operative education program integrates a student’s academic studies with work experience in a related field.

Business Management and Business Accountancy students have their co-op work experience at the end of their programs to enhance their education and contribute to industry partners.

Benefits of Co-operative Education Partnerships

  • Filling your short-term staffing needs
  • Reducing recruitment and training costs
  • Freeing employees for higher priority work
  • Offering additional resources for special projects
  • Providing productive workers at peak times
  • Giving you regular input into industry-responsive College curricula
  • Developing internal leadership through supervision, mentorship, and coaching
  • Helping to train your workforce

Students in CE Co-operative Education

  • All have a previous post-secondary degree or diploma
  • Have global work experience
  • Possess a variety of technical and interpersonal skills transferable to the workplace
  • Are at the end of their program and can be developed to support permanent positions
  • Are immediately productive during work term
  • Bring enthusiasm and new ideas and approaches
  • Are an ideal resource to fill temporary human resource needs during staff leaves or for short-term projects

Participating in Co-operative Education

  • Employer/College/student partnership
  • Terms integrate academic learning with related, paid work experience
  • 16-week work terms (note that this is the ideal situation, however due to the effects of pandemic on your business, co-op work terms can be more flexible to suit your business needs and student schedules)
  • Employers commit to professional and personal growth of future industry leaders
  • Employer provides supervision, mentorship, and feedback to student
  • Employer provides job description outlining expectations of student
  • Hours are scheduled to suit employer needs
  • Employers participate in a mid-term site visit with the student and College
  • Employer provides evaluations of student performance for final assessment
  • WIL coordinator available to support student and employer throughout the process

About the Programs

Business Management

  • 16-month post-graduate diploma program
  • Co-op work term from January to April

Business Accountancy

  • 20-month post-graduate diploma program
  • Co-op work term from May to August

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Note: We follow CEWIL recruiting guidelines for co-op employment.

Business Management and Business Accountancy

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