Through research in Market Intelligence, our students have produced:

Socially responsible guides for conducting international business

These guides are developed to foster respectful interaction and informed decision making in international trade. The project focuses on development of socially responsible trade guides for emerging economies such as Brazil, Turkey, India and China. In addition to country information present in similar trade guides, socially responsible guides include information about culture, history, religion, customs and buyer behaviour.

The idea is to draw on multidisciplinary, multicultural mix of our students to develop trade guides that would reflect a variety of perspectives and nurture cultural understanding and respect in business conduct. This project was positively evaluated by the review group and the feedback resulted in development of trade guides to doing business with ethnical communities in Manitoba/Canada

Sample Report:

Conducting Business in India

Guides for conducting business with ethnic communities in Manitoba, CanadaWinnipeg Chinese Community

Drawing on doing business with different countries guides, this projects aims to unlock the potential of growing ethnic markets in Manitoba and Canada for all businesses and organizations. It should particularly benefit organizations that are not present in many ethnic markets such as winter sport clubs, symphony orchestra, opera, art galleries or ballet.

The idea is to use applied research generated by our diverse student groups to improve integration of ethnical minorities in Canadian society, build better understanding among people in our multicultural society while assisting businesses in increasing market share and improving business results. The project is currently underway.

Sample Report:

Conducting Business with Canadian-Chinese Communities