Breakout session #1   9:30 am – 10:45 am

Networking: ‘Who You Know’ is just as critical as What you know!

“Network To Get Work!” This interactive session focuses on this critical success skill.

Name: Cec Hanec 
Company Cec Hanec & Associates Inc.,
Title President, Owner
Biography Cec Hanec, President, Owner of Cec Hanec & Associates Inc., through creative, customized solutions for the ‘people side’ of business, delivers leadership coaching and performance enhancement services for companies, organizations and individuals wanting to improve their hiring, retention, communication and performance management practices.

Cec is an acknowledged leader in innovative solutions and processes that energize and inspire businesses, organizations, government and individuals to be productive and successful- drawing on her experience and expertise as a Leadership Coach, Personal Business Coach, Facilitator, Presenter and Trainer.