Services and Expertise

Organizations and professionals involved in the design, construction, renovation, commissioning and maintenance of building envelopes partner with the Building Efficiency Technology Access Centre (BETAC) because we have the facilities, equipment and expertise to help them find building envelope solutions suitable for Manitoba conditions.


BETAC can assist you by reducing the risk and uncertainty of new building envelope designs and the use of new, innovative products and materials. BETAC recognizes the need to consider the intended use of buildings and the associated potential impacts on the building envelope.


BETAC’s approach focuses on facilitating advancements in building efficiency primarily durability and energy efficiency, while addressing the building’s intended use, life service and climate zone location. We have three core areas of expertise:

Our Experts

Our people are a bridge between the laboratory and the built environment. BETAC also has the ability to engage faculty, students and external associates in the delivery of its services. Here’s our team:

Alireza Kaboorani

Rob Spewak
Business Development Manager

Cory Carson
Research Coordinator

Christin Burgess
Research Technologist

Joel Turner
Research Technologist