MMI Practice Guide for Interviewers

Thanks for taking the time to play the role of the interviewer for this MMI candidate.

  • Ask the candidate to explain the interview format. The candidate will give you two printed copies each of a few sample questions.
  • When the candidate is ready, randomly select a sample question and give one of the two printed copies face down to the candidate and keep the other for your reference. It is important that the candidate practices taking only two minutes to read and consider the question before responding to it. The candidate can take more than two minutes to consider the question, but this extra time taken will be subtracted from the time allotted for answering the question.
  • When the two minutes are up, the candidate will greet you and recap the question. Greet the candidate and confirm the question. The candidate now has 7 minutes to respond to the question.
  • Follow the candidate’s lead. Challenge the candidate to express his/her ideas clearly. Prompt the candidate to expand on their response or to speak to another side of the issue, if needed. (i.e. Can you tell me more about that? What might be another perspective on the issue? Is there anything else you’d like to add? etc.). Keep an eye on the timer. Once the time is up, take one final minute to ask a follow up question. Keep to the time limit as closely as possible.
  • Use the Feedback Rubric to comment on the candidate’s response to the question.
  • Discuss your feedback with the candidate; focus first on the parts of the response the candidate handled well and finish with one area for improvement, if necessary.
  • Thank the candidate for discussing the issue.
  • Having fun yet? Repeat with another question.