Are MMI interviewers from the healthcare field?

Interviewers are from various health professions, academic programs, academic supports and the general patient population.

How many stations will there be?

There will be 6 – 8 stations for the 2019 dates.

Will I have access to the question or scenario once I’m inside the interview room?

Yes. The question or scenario will be available for you inside the room.

What if I don’t understand a word in the question?

If you don’t understand a word or part of a question, use reading strategies to determine the meaning. Read the entire question or scenario a few times and use the surrounding information to try to guess the meaning of the word in question. You can confirm or check your understanding of the word with the interviewer when you enter the room.

What happens if I finish my answer before the time expires?

If you’ve answered your question to the best of your ability and ended with a conclusion, your interviewer may ask you follow up questions. If no follow-up questions are needed, you may end up sitting in silence for a few minutes. The interviewers understand this might happen.