The Business Information Technology program requires the successful completion of the Computer Programmer Analyst Battery (CPAB) test as part of its admission requirements.

This multiple choice test consists of 5 sub-tests. Each of these sub-tests is very strictly timed. No dictionaries, calculators or scrap paper are allowed. These sub-tests measure the following skills and aptitudes:

  • Verbal Meaning: a test of communications skill; vocabulary commonly used in mathematical, business, and systems engineering literature.
  • Reasoning: a test of ability to translate ideas and operations from word problems into mathematical notations.
  • Letter Series: a test of abstract reasoning ability, finding a pattern in a given series of letters.
  • Number Ability: a test of facility in using numbers; ability to quickly estimate reasonable answers to computations.
  • Diagramming: a test of ability to analyze a problem and order the steps for solution in a logical sequence.

Click on the resources below for sample questions and test-writing advice.

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