Allied Health Sciences Programs

A pre-application Reading Skills Assessment is required for the following Allied Health Sciences programs: Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography – Echocardiography, Diagnostic Medical Sonography – Ultrasound, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Medical Radiologic Technology, and Paramedicine – Primary Care Paramedicine.

This Reading Skills Assessment tests your ability to read at a college level. The assessment includes two parts:

1. A reading comprehension test, called Degrees of Reading Power (DRP).

Details on this section of the assessment:

  • It is a test that determines how well you understand what you’re reading.
  • There are 70 multiple choice questions.
  • As you work through the test, the passages become more challenging.
  • It is an untimed test, that is, you will have as much time as you need to write the test. On average, the DRP takes approximately two hours to complete.
  • Consider reviewing these examples.
NOTE: The Degrees of Reading Power is a test for English first language speakers, i.e. people who learned to speak English at home as a child, were educated in English and now live and work in English. If you aren’t sure if the DRP is the right test for you, please see our English Skills Assessment. If you require more information please contact Assessment Services or call 204.632.2458.

2. A charting task.

Details on this section of the assessment:

  • It is a test of your ability to skim and scan for detail, to extract information presented in a chart, and to summarize the meaning of a reading selection.
  • There are 20 questions in total. Part A is made up of ten short answer and multiple choice questions, and Part B consists of ten true or false questions.
  • The charting task is a diagnostic tool only; this part of the assessment is not used for admissions purposes
  • It is a way for Assessment Services to identify applicants that may benefit from additional supports prior to program entry.
  • You will have 20 minutes to complete this task.
NOTE: If you are applying for an Allied Health Sciences program, you can register for any DRP testing session; the Charting Task will be administered at the same time.

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