Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Readiness Assessment (AMERA)

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Readiness Assessment (AMERA) is a required test that should be written prior to applying for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) program. You will have three hours to complete all four sub-tests of the AMERA, which include tasks related to:

  1. Listening Skills
  2. Math
  3. Writing
  4. Reading

The AMERA will help to determine your readiness for the program. In order to successfully complete the AMERA, a minimum score of 11/23 is required in the math sub-test. Learn more on RRC’s AME information page.

Your performance on the Listening, Writing and Reading sub-tests of the assessment may result in the offering of additional supports once you enter the AME program. Your performance on these parts of the assessment will not affect your admission to the program.

Review materials for the AMERA are found here.

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